VC Brands

I love creating my own brands. I’d rather creating something different than following something already existed. Creating something unique gives me the biggest fulfilment.


LAMPSLIVE is a music label created by Vicky. It literally stands for Lyrics, Arrangement, Music, Production, Singing & Live Performance. The 5 basic elements of a song together with live performance. Please visit and follow Lampslive Facebook page for updates.

Talents Miner

Talents Miner is my Consultancy Business. Please visit Talents Miner’s official website for details.

Even If I’m Not Better, At Least I’m Different!


The Futurists

The Futurists is a Community running on a volunteer basis. Please visit The Futurists’ official website for details.

Smart Users Club

Smart Users Club is a Facebook Private Group where we share health and anti-ageing tips and knowledge, as well as up-to-date product promotions. This is a group specifically for the internal communication of my direct selling business partners and users.

If you are interested to learn more, please feel free to directly contact me.